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Vacuum tubes are widely used in the clinical laboratory for routine tests. The clinical test has done between V-TUBE(AB MEDICAL, Gwangju, Korea) and BD tube(BD, Franklin Lakes,NJ,USA) for comparing performances in common clinical assay of hematology, chemistry and immune assay tests in Chonnam University Hwasun Hospital( ).

Clinical test
A Comparison of V-TUBE with BD Vacutainer Tubes for Laboratory Tests
2012. 8. 23 ~ 2012. 12. 31
Laboratory Medicine
A total of 100 volunteers comprising 79 patients and 21 healthy volunteer were recruited and peripheral blood samples were collected with two brands of EDTA tubes and serum separating tubes. The samples from EDTA tubes were evaluated for 16 routine hematology tests. The SST samples were evaluated for 32 routine chemistry items and three thyroid hormone tests.
Newly developed V-TUBE vacutainers provided a suitable alternative to BD tubes in common clinical laboratory.
Comparison result between BD Vacutainer Tubes and V-Tube™ with Clinical Test V- Tubes can be suitable alternatives to BD Tubes with more competitive price.